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The AMS heads to Cullman, Alabama

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Offroad RC racers in the South and outlying areas are gearing up for a three day event taking place in Cullman, Alabama. The AMS, which stands for Alabama Manufacture Shootout, is termed AMS 5.0 this year, and will have some of the best racers around competing. For a $75 entry fee, you can camp or trailer your gear there and take part in an event you're sure to be talking about. Read up on everything you need to know about the Alabama Manufacture Shootout taking place June 5-7th, 2014.

Freqeskinz Body and Radio Wraps

Sunday April 13, 2014


Are you interested in getting a great new design on your RC body or your radio? Looking to find one rad scheme to take you through the race season? The people at Freqeskinz have some great designs at affordable pricing. Look for the write up I did on their Body and Radio skin line for more information on pricing, themes, and their full line of wraps.

Let's Look At Boats

Friday April 11, 2014

2014 saw the release of so many boats for the beginner RC boater. If you are looking to get into this fun hobby or find something interesting for your child to do at the lake, here are five great releases for your RC boating pleasure. These aren't high-end RC boats designed for the veteran boater, but they are fun entries in the beginning boating class. All of these are either toy-grade, or a small step above toy-grade into the hobby-grade category without being too advanced.

Do you have a favorite RC Boat? Tell us in the comments!


Let's Talk Slots

Thursday April 10, 2014

File:Ninco JGTC Fahrerfeld.jpg

Image - Wikipedia/Thomas Mielke


Are you loving slot cars? They are small RC racers that many can set up in their basement or garage and have racing action at any time. Whether you are a fan of the Carerra slot car systems or the Scalextric slot car systems, there are several to choose from in many different price ranges. These tracks and kits are customizable so that you can change up the track system, what car you're controlling, plus other items as well. If you've been wondering about getting one of these systems, but wanted a comparison of the Carrera slot car system versus the Scalextric slot car system, now could be your chance to buy.


Proper Nitro Storage Tips

Monday April 7, 2014

RC Nitro fuel can last for years or it can go bad in a season, it's staying power is solely up to you. To get a long fuel life out of your favorite RC nitro fuel, you'll need to know the proper storage tips to make your fuel last a good long while. Nitro RC cars can become unstable, not operating at the peak of their capacity, when you choose to keep your nitro fuel in the humidity or the sunlight. Some may leave the lid off for hours at at time. All of these things can contribute to a lowered quality of fuel.

Do you have tips on preserving your nitro fuel? Leave us a comment and let us know!


How Long Can You Store Your Nitro Fuel?

Sunday April 6, 2014

Got questions about your nitro fuel? Wondering if that gallon of fuel you bought last season is still good or if you need to buy a new container? The answer is "Maybe". Fuel freshness depends on how you store it, as it can go bad quicker if you aren't taking the right precautions.  Find out the best storage tips to keep that RC fuel fresh and viable through our latest article "How Long Can You Store Nitro Fuel?".

Biplanes - Get free biplane plans to create your next flyer

Thursday March 20, 2014


Want a new collection of planes to admire and fly? Love the look and acrobatic style of a biplane? Here are a few free biplane plans for you to download and create. Each month, I try to scour the web to bring a new collection of free aircraft plans so that creators can keep building and sharing the love of RC. If you know of other places to get free biplane plans, leave a comment below!

Micro RC Racing at Home

Tuesday March 18, 2014


Corey Gibson has some unique ideas for turning a basic living room into a new RC speedway. If you're thinking of finding a place to race your micros, and you've an understanding wife, see what he has to say about his micro racing at home.


"It is intended to be a modular system that can be used in a living room or similar space. At this stage it is being designed with 1:36 Losi micros in mind but I am hoping the slightly larger scale Losi cars and the Kyosho MiniZ buggies will work too. If not then I will be building a slightly larger scale one!"


Take a look at the LivingRoom Raceway website to get more information!



Team Associated's B5 Showing Up Everywhere

Thursday March 13, 2014

I was looking about on Facebook when I saw a picture of Ryan Villopoto on Instagram putting together his new Team Associated B5 buggy kit. I also saw two of my friends with their new B5's talking about the upcoming races and how they expected to do. So this made me want to present a poll to the R/C community here at About. The B5 1/10 scale buggy kit, is it the hottest and best buggy of 2014? If not, what is? Vote yes or no in the poll below and if you say yes! Leave a comment as to why. If you say No! leave a comment as to what you believe is the hottest buggy of 2014.



Walking Dead Crawling RC Zombie

Saturday March 8, 2014



Photo: http://rcvehicles.about.com/b/2014/03/08/walking-dead-crawling-rc-zombie.htm  Walking Dead RC Zombie build :)

Are you a fan of the AMC cult-favorite Walking Dead? Want to have some creepily realistic Halloween props this year? Create your very own Walking Dead Crawling RC Zombie. Start your project early for the season, or just build one to share your love of the show.


Wes Bourn created these ultra-realistic moving crawling zombies. It is fully functioning with wood, some fabric, and a few RC parts thrown in the mix. Imagine having a few in the yard and making them come alive to unsuspecting house guests!


While the instructions are a bit basic and sparse, there are pics and a guideline for starting your own on Bourn's site. There is also a really great Youtube crawling zombie video to see what it will look like when it is all complete.


Should you build one, whether for your next Walking Dead theme party or for a Halloween decoration, do submit pics to the About.com Radio Controlled Vehicles site so that we can see them!



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