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Make Your Own RC Body Clips (And Keep Track of Them)

By October 10, 2009

Those little cotter pins used to hold the body on many hobby grade RC cars and trucks are easy to lose.  You can bend a bit of wire or a paperclip to use in a pinch. But if you want something secure that's also easy to remove and actually looks like a real cotter pin, follow this detailed Instructable on Paperclip RC Car Body Clips.

cotter pin
Cotter Pin; Image by M. James

Clip Tip or Two or Three:

  • One way to keep from losing those body clips in the first place is to put  a very thin colored zip tie or thin plastic-coated wire on each clip. Not only does it give you more surface to grab when removing the clips, they're easier to spot when dropped on the ground. Or get really fancy by following this Instructable on making Body Clip Pulls using zip ties and fuel tubing.
  • In this video from RC Car Action there's another simple way to keep track of those body clips that requires no work -- just developing a new habit each time you remove the body.
  • And yet another option that requires some body modification is to drill another small hole near each hole in the body. Fasten a small strip of thin wire through that hole (knotted and glued on the underside) and to the body clip. When you remove the clips they remain attached to the body. This would be the do-it-yourself version of using body clip leashes such as the Du-Bro Body Klip Retainers.


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