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Body and Painting Options

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M. James
Question: Where Can You Get RC Bodies?
These days when you buy hobby-grade RCs, whether in a kit or a complete RTR package, you get a body made of Lexan or similar light weight plastic. The RC body may come unpainted (clear) or pre-painted with a cool graphic and a colorful paint scheme; but, you may not want to keep that body style. You might want to go with a different kind of body style all together.
Answer: There a lot of resources at your finger tips for finding a place to get an RC body. You could look in your local phone book or you could go on the Internet. The Yellow Pages is still a good place to get addresses and numbers for local hobby shops if you don't know where they are in your area. You can also check with the manufacturer for your RC because they may offer alternative body styles for some of their vehicles.

RC Body Brands

The two sources for RC bodies that first to come to mind are: There are others to choose from as well, such as: Browse the online stores at these companies even if you plan to buy locally.

Buy RC Bodies at Local Hobby Shops

If there is one (or more) nearby, cruise down to your local hobby shop and see what RC bodies they carry. They'll generally have a selection of the most popular styles and sizes their customers buy. If you're looking for a specific body style most likely the hobby shop personnel can special order it for you if it's not a body they keep in stock.

Get Custom-Painted RC Bodies

There are places that offer custom pre-painted RC bodies. These places also have a hefty price tag attached to the custom paint job. But it's an option if you don't want to paint your own body or if you want a custom look that's beyond your body painting skill level.

One site that shows off some great custom work is RCXTC Custom Painted Bodies. RCXTC Custom Painted Bodies offers a variety of body styles and if you see a paint job you like, and you want it on another body, just ask. Also, your local hobby shop may be able to refer you to someone in your area who does custom paint jobs.

After You Have Your New RC Body

Whether you purchased it online or locally, unless you're shelling out money for a custom paint job by someone else, you're going to need to paint that clear RC body yourself. Take the time to prep it and paint it properly. There is nothing worse than having an awesome muscle car or racing body with a hurried paint job to ruin it. See the Painting and RC Body FAQs, below.
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