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RC Suspensions - Shocks and Springs


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Importance of the Suspension
RC suspensions

Suspensions and shocks comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

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The part of the radio controlled vehicle that helps it make jumps, go around corners, and perform minor stunts correctly is the suspension. The most recognizable part of the suspension are the shocks. When buying an RC car or truck -- toy-grade or hobby-grade -- one of the many things I want to look at is the suspension. I want to know if the RC can handle the terrain I'm going to put it through without breaking.

Toy-grade and some beginner hobby-grade RCs have limited suspension options. In fact, in some of the cheapest toy RCS the suspension is really just for looks rather than serving to actually enhance the performance of the RC. In the next few pages let's take a closer look at what makes a good suspension and what makes a just for looks or just there kind of suspension. We'll start with the toy grade and the beginner hobby-grade RCs and finish with a look at a typical oil-filled shock found in higher-end hobby-grade RCs.

This isn't intended as an in-depth look at shocks and suspensions. What you'll find here is an introduction to some of the key differences in the suspension of toy-grade and hobby-grade RC vehicles.

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