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RC Aircraft - Planes and Helicopters

Loop-the-loops. Barrel rolls. Inverted flight. If these kinds of moves give you thrills then radio controlled flight is what you're looking for. Indoors or outdoors, find an airplane, helicopter, or even out-of-this-world spacecraft that you don't need a pilot's license to fly.
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RC Flying Clubs

RC Military Aircraft

RC UFO Hoax - Have You Ever Faked a UFO Sighting Using a Radi…
Have you ever faked a video or tried to fool a friend into thinking they're seeing a real UFO using a radio controlled blimp, helicopter, or other flying RC? Were they fooled? Have you ever been fooled yourself by a radio controlled toy masquerading as an alien aircraft?

Radio Controlled Flying Saucers and UFOs
Whether or not you believe in the existence of visitors from outer space, UFOs and flying saucers are real. Consider getting one of these RCFOs -- radio controlled flying objects -- for all your skywatching friends.

Flytech Dragonfly
The FlyTech Dragonfly is the most entertaining of all the RCs I have in my collection. You can fly in either beginner or expert mode. The dual settings make the Dragonfly suitable for both novice and more experienced flyers and let you start slow and improve over time. Not only is it easy to fly, the Dragonfly has a unique look. It flaps its wings like a real insect and even sort of sounds like one.

Cool RC Flying Toys
Some of the coolest radio controlled toys for this holiday shopping season are flying machines. From air battles to flying robots, take a peek at some of the newest RC flying toys that you might want to put (or find) under your Christmas tree this year.

Air Hogs Helix RC Helicopter
The Air Hogs Helix from SpinMaster is a toy-grade, electric indoor micro RC helicopter aimed at ages 12 and above. The manufacturer gives it an intermediate skill flight difficulty rating. Does that mean it's hard to control? Yes and no. Hovering is fairly easy but due to sluggish response to the controls and the heavy body design, the Helix can be slightly difficult to maneuver in flight.

Fly Wheels XPV
For those who have had difficulties flying other RC vehicles, the Fly Wheels XPV provides a rewarding flight experience because it really is easy to get up in the air and keep it there. Lightweight but durable, the XPV gives you around 20 minutes of driving across grass, dirt, or pavement and high-flying fun in the air on a single charge.

Free RC Airplane Plans for 2014
A look at some of the top places you can browse in 2014 to get free rc airplane plans, including foam planes and balsa planes.

Free RC Military Plane Plans for Download
A few of the free military plane plans available for download.

Free RC Jet Plane Plans to Download
Free RC Jet plane plans that are available for download.

Free RC Foam Plane Plans Ready for Download
A listing of free foam planes that have their plans available for download.

Free Biplane Building Plans for Download
Various biplanes that are available for free download to builders wishing to create their own RC flight plane.

The Comprehensive List of Free Airplane Plans
A listing of free airplane plans for download from the About.com Radio Controlled Vehicles site.

Free Glider Airplane Plans to Download
All of the plans listed in this article are free to download and are of the "glider" variety.

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