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RC Aircraft Clubs

Whether your passion is aerial combat, slope flying, prop planes, or helicopters, find a national or international organization or local flying club.
  1. Air Combat Clubs (2)

AMA - Academy of Model Aeronautics
In the US this organization is the voice of model aviation. Browse the site for information on membership benefits, competitions, flying sites, and affiliated local clubs.

BMFA - British Model Flying Association
Find events, membership info, and affiliated clubs for model plane flying in Great Britain.

IRCHA - International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association
The site is limited at this time but there is brief info on voting for new IRCHA board members.

NCFFA - National Competition Fun Fly Association
This AMA special interest group for flying model airplanes. Get event and membership information at the site.

NIRAC - National Indoor Remote-Controlled Aircraft Council
This AMA special interest group likes to take flight inside. Learn more about the group and find fun fly events around the US.

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