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RC Vehicles Overview and Basics

New to the world of RC Vehicles? Explore the common terms used to describe the ins and outs of RC vehicles and what they're about. Learn about the types of vehicles, safety rules, batteries, chargers, and frequencies.
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  2. How to Fly RC Aircraft
  3. FAQ (11)
  4. Batteries & Chargers (13)
  5. RC Fuel (15)
  6. Safety (25)
  7. Types of Vehicles (163)
  8. Reviews / Buying RCs (78)
  9. Radio Systems / Frequencies (16)

Best Books on Radio Controlled Vehicles
What books would you recommend that are all about RCs?

Radio Controlled Vehicles - What They Are
To get into the RC hobby you need to know what an RC is and what kind of RCs you can buy.

Electric vs. Nitro
When looking at an electric RC next to a nitro RC, they may look very different. But there are quite a few similarities. The key differences come, not from appearances, but from actual operation. Compare two hobby-grade stadium trucks -- one electric and one nitro -- side-by-side.

RC Boat Basics
High-flying helis and dirt-spewing monster trucks may be the darlings of the RC world, but they've got nothing on the RC boat. Whether gliding gracefully across the pond or kicking up plumes of water in their wake as they shoot from shore to shore, RC boats provide hours of outdoor RC entertainment.

RC Submarine Basics
RC Submarines range in size from little bathtub or aquarium toys for in-home exploration to subs that are as big as your bathtub designed for deep sea (or at least deep lake) exploration. Learn the basics of radio controlled submarines.

RC Tanks Basics
The majority of RC tanks are sold as toys but there is an active segment of RC enthusiasts who build their own RC tanks and engage in RC paintball combat.

RC Antenna Basics
RCs have two types of antennas. There's an antenna on the transmitter or controller that sends messages to the RC and one on the receiver (in the RC vehicles) that receives those messages. Learn the basics of installing and using those radio antennas with your RC.

Getting Into the RC Hobby
Here are the ways hobby-grade vehicles differ from toy RCs and what you need to consider before getting into the RC hobby.

Stock Your Toolbox With Compact and Multipurpose Tools
You don't need every kind of automotive or hobby tool in the store to maintain your RC vehicle. Save space and save money with compact and multipurpose tools. Keep a small amount of your most-used supplies on hand.

Beginner's Guides
These guides for RC beginners at Great Hobbies, Inc. cover radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, boats, and cars along with introductions to radios and engines.

RC Car Sizes: Standard, Micro or Mini
Radio controlled nitro and electric cars come in many sizes. Find out what each of the standard RC sizes or scales can do.

How Does Weight Affect RC Performance?
Weight plays a role in overall performance of an RC. Find out how to control your weight and why.

Questions for the Beginner RC Racer
A look at simple questions that the beginning RCer should know the answers to prior to getting into the hobby.

A list of recent contact information, including social media, for the top RC Manufacturers.

How Long Can You Store Nitro Fuel?

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