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How Do You Tune an RC Suspension?


How Do You Tune an RC Suspension?

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Question: How Do You Tune an RC Suspension?
You don't have to participate in official races to benefit from a well-tuned suspension. Tuning your RC suspension can increase speed, improve handling, and prolong the life of your RC when properly done.
Answer: There are no definitive rules for tuning your suspension. It will depend on a variety of factors including how and where you drive your RC and the specifics of your vehicles (nitro/electric, 2WD/4WD, on-road/off-road, etc.).

For the most basic RC suspension tune-up, go with the manufacturer's recommended setup for your specific RC. For casual use, this is often the best setup and it's a good starting point when you want to try tweaking various settings such as toe angle, type of shock oil, and type of springs. If you've lost the manual, search the manufacturer website and download a manual or setup guide.

Basic Suspension Tuning

Some of the areas you'll want to look at and adjust or tweak if possible:
  • Camber - affects steering and traction when cornering
  • Toe Angle - affects stability and steering
  • Shocks & Springs - helps an RC make jumps, go around corners, and perform minor stunts correctly
  • Center of Gravity / Ride Height - affects performance at high speed

Detailed Suspension Tuning

In addition to the setup in the manual for your specific RC, refer to these detailed articles on how various features affect your suspension along with guidelines on different settings.
  • RC Suspension Tuning from RC Truck N Car Tuning, this page is the overview. Go to the bottom for articles on wheelbase, caster, camber, ride height, and more.
  • Off-road Suspension Guide at My RCBox.com has a simple table with suggested settings and how changes to shock oil, toe angle, etc. affect performance of your RC.
  • RC Handbook is a PDF file. It covers definitions and suggestions for choosing tires, shocks and springs, suspension geometry, and much more.

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