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Why Do RC Tires Need to Be Glued to the Rims?


Glue keeps the tire on the wheel.

Glue keeps the tire on the wheel. | Your Questions, Answered | FAQ Categories: Features | Operating RCs | Airplanes | Subs | Nitro RCs | Tires & Wheels | Painting RCs

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Question: Why Do RC Tires Need to Be Glued to the Rims?
Many RC cars and trucks have three-part wheels: wheel or rim, foam tire inserts, and foam, rubber, or plastic tires. Although the parts all fit together nicely, glue helps keep the inserts inside and the tires on the rim.

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Answer: The powerful, high torque motors and engines in hobby-grade electric and nitro RC vehicles can cause the tires to separate from the rims. Gluing the tires to the rims keeps your tires from falling off during high speed racing, off-roading, sharp turns, sudden stops, and other maneuvers. Pretty much a must-do for hobby-grade vehicles, most toy-grade motors don't have enough power to cause the tires to come off the rims so gluing isn't necessary.

You could use Superglue or Krazy Glue (trademarks for a type of CA or Cyanoacrylate glue) in a pinch but there are specifically formulated CA glues for gluing tires that is sold in RC hobby shops. You want to use a fast-drying glue that stays flexible, doesn't eat through the plastic/rubber parts, and provides good bonding between the rim and the tire bead (the part of the tire where you put the glue).

How to Glue Tires

Although the basics are the same, some RC owners and RC manufacturers advocate different tire-gluing methods. You'll need to find the method that works best for you, your RC vehicle, and the way you operate your RC. Here are some tutorials on gluing tires:

An alternative to gluing tires to the rim is to use beadlock rims. Instead of glue, the rims have 2 parts that hold the tire in place with screws.

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