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Electric vs. Nitro


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Step-by-Step Comparison
Traxxas Rustler 1:8 Scale Stadium Truck - Nitro and Electric versions

Traxxas Rustler 1:8 Scale Stadium Truck - Nitro and Electric versions

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When looking at an electric RC next to a nitro RC, they may look very different. But there are quite a few similarities. The key differences come, not from appearances, but from actual operation.

Making the right choice between an electric or a nitro vehicle can provide many years of excitement in the RC hobby. Making the wrong choice could saddle you with an expensive toy that just sits unused in the garage.

To get a better idea of which type of vehicle will best suit your long-term needs, this side-by-side comparison breaks the electric and nitro into six distinct areas: motor/engine, chassis, drivetrain, center of gravity and weight, runtime, and upkeep. All toy-grade RCs are electric and they are covered briefly but this tutorial primarily addresses the hobby-grade electric and nitro RC vehicles.

The photos in this comparison feature the 1:8 scale Traxxas Rustler Stadium Truck -- an electric version and a nitro version. These are hobby-grade RC vehicles.

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