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Features of Radio Controlled Vehicles

Questions and Answers About RC Features and Specs


How fast do they go? How tough are they? What kind of tires are best? Get answers to your questions about specific features and parts of RC vehicles.

Why Do Hobby RCs Cost So Much More Than Toy RCs (Usually)?

Radio controlled vehicles you find at retail stores could cost over a hundred dollars but most are well under that price. Go to a hobby store that specializes in RCs, however, and your RC purchase could put a serious dent in your wallet.

How Fast Do RC Cars Really Go?

Mattel RC Mach 5
Mattel RC Mach 5 Image provided by eToys.com

There are two speeds associated with radio controlled vehicles: scale speed and actual speed. Some manufacturers, in a bid to capitalize on the perceived superiority of really fast cars, will list the scale speed rather than the actual speed of the RC. It can make a normal car seem faster than it really is.

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Why Aren't All RCs of a Certain Scale the Same Size?

Evolution 1967 Pontiac Firebird 1:28 scale XMODS
Photo © M. James

Radio controlled vehicles come in many sizes from tiny little micro trucks to airplanes that are almost too big for one person to carry. You may have heard that the scale of the RC means how big or small it is. Almost.

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What's the Best Hobby-Grade RC Car or Truck for a Beginner?

© J. James
Ready to run electric RCs are a good start...

How Important is Ground Clearance?

Foreground: Monster Truck. Background: On-Road Car.
Photo by J. James
Ground clearance refers to the distance between the bottom of the chassis and the ground when the RC is sitting on a flat surface. Learn how ground clearance differs in various types of RC vehicles.

How Do Infrared RCs Work?

Infrared RC toys
© M. James

Infrared RC toy vehicles are fun and popular little toys, often small enough to enclose in your fist. Cars, trucks, helicopters, and even tanks may come in infrared versions.

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Your RC Questions, Answered

You've got questions about radio controlled cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, and other RC vehicle questions? Here are your answers to common and sometimes not-so-common RC questions and advice on where to find more answers to your RC questions. Scan through this list to find the type of question you have then dig deeper for the answer.
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