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Radio Controlled Vehicle Basics


New to the world of RC Vehicles? Explore the common terms used to describe the ins and outs of RC vehicles and what they're about. Learn about the types of radio controlled vehicles, safety rules, batteries, chargers, frequencies, and how to operate RC cars, trucks, planes, boats, submarines, and other radio controlled toys.
  1. What are RCs?
  2. Types of RC Vehicles
  3. Key Parts of an RC Vehicle
  4. Operating an RC
  5. RC Community

What are RCs?

Pistol Grip Controller for Stampede

Scale model cars, trucks, and other vehicles that are controlled by a hand-held controller that sends radio signals to the vehicle are Radio Controlled Vehicles. In addition to radio controlled, RC vehicles can be remote controlled or infrared.

Types of RC Vehicles

Team Associated RC10GT RTR Nitro Stadium Truck

Explore the many variations there are to the world of radio controlled vehicles. Select which route you wish to take -- toy, hobby, electric, nitro, or gas. From planes, boats, cars, and trucks to military and alien spacecraft, there are many types of RC vehicles from which to choose.

Key Parts of an RC Vehicle

Seating the nuts on the back side of the rear tire rims.

Understanding the various parts of an RC can help you make better choices when buying and owning any type of RC vehicle.

Operating an RC

RC Plane Crash

Before you drive, fly, or put an RC in the water you need to understand the basics of radio systems, batteries, and getting an RC started. Then you'll need to learn how to drive an RC, fly a plane or helicopter, and do it safely.

RC Community

You don't have to join a club to enjoy the RC hobby but it can add a new dimension to your enjoyment of radio controlled vehicles. There's also an active online community of RC enthusiasts ready to help you get the most out of your RC ownership.

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