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RC Boat Clubs

Participate in regattas and meet with other RC sail and power boat hobbyiests in your area and around the world. Get membership information, a list of local clubs, and learn more about the world of RC model boating.
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AMYA - American Model Yachting Association
Get involved with model sailing. Site has FAQs and handbooks for beginner and experienced model sailboat enthusiast, membership info, and details on regattas.

APBA R/C Racing - American Power Boat Assn. for R/C Boats
Get membership info, rules, and forms.

IMPBA - International Model Power Boat Association
This organization focuses mainly on racing nitro and electric RC boats. Get membership info, find a local club, and check out current events.

MPBA - Model Power Boat Assocation
In the UK, find affiliated clubs and learn about rules and regulations governing all types of RC boating.

NAMBA - North American Model Boat Association
This organization promotes model boating. They hold regattas in cities across the US and Canada. Get info on membership benefits and find local clubs.

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