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Stuff a stocking full of batteries

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Almost every RC toy needs batteries. It's not very glamorous but personally, I wouldn't mind at all to find a stocking filled with nothing but batteries and battery packs. They're one of those necessities you can never have enough of for your electric vehicles and all kinds of controllers. If you're not sure what kind of batteries to give, you can't go wrong with lots of AA and AAA and a few 9-volts. If you know your way around an RC, a few extra battery packs for your gift-recipient's favorite hobby RC would be fantastic. Even for those RC toys that have batteries included, it never hurts to have a few extra on hand.

Don't forget about rechargeables. It may cost a bit more upfront, but for those of us who go through lots (and lots and lots) of AA and AAA batteries, rechargeables can save money.

Stuff a Stocking With Batteries
If buying a specific RC, check the battery requirements. A few RC toys require C or D batteries or may use small button batteries. But for general use, AA, AAA, and 9V are the norm.

  • Compare Prices AAA Alkaline Batteries

  • Compare Prices AA Alkaline Batteries

  • Compare Prices 9V Alkaline Batteries

  • Buy Direct or Compare Prices Battery Charger for AA and AAA

  • Compare Prices AAA Rechargeable Batteries

  • Compare Prices AA Rechargeable Batteries

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