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How to Choose the Right Radio Controlled Vehicle


When buying RCs you have a choice of toy-grade or hobby-grade vehicles. Make your purchases at retail stores, hobby shops, or shop online for pre-assembled RCs or DIY kits. Choose the RC that fits your level of expertise. Discover the latest trends in RCs.
  1. Before You Buy an RC
  2. Cars and Trucks
  3. Planes and Helicopters
  4. Boats and Subs
  1. Toys and Gadgets
  2. Radio Control Kits
  3. Parts & Supplies

Before You Buy an RC

These are an example of Toy-grade RCs

Before you jump into the world of radio controlled vehicles it helps immensely to have in mind what you're looking for and what most interests you. Before you buy, consider factors such as cost, level of expertise, and time available for learning and maintenance to make sure you don't get in over your head.

Cars and Trucks

Traxxas 1:10 Scale Electric Stampede RC Monster Truck

If RC cars are your passion, pull into our spot and check out the reviews, tutorials, tips, and beginner advice for RC cars and RC trucks of every vintage and style.

Planes and Helicopters

3-channel toy helicopter

Indoors or outdoors, find an airplane, helicopter, or even out-of-this-world spacecraft that you don't need a pilot's license to fly.

Boats and Subs

Motorworks RC Sub looks good, performs great on the surface and underwater

Make serious waves or set sail across uncharted waters as the skipper of your own RC watercraft or dive, dive, dive into radio controlled subs. Buy off-the-shelf boats and subs or build your own.

Toys and Gadgets

Roboquad from WowWee

There are simple, colorful RC toys for toddlers and more complex and educational RC toys and gadgets for teens and adults.

Radio Control Kits

All the parts and instructions included in the Grasshopper kit.

Instead of buying an RC that's ready to use right out of the box, buy a kit and enjoy the fun of building your own RC but with a jump start. Kits offer varying degrees of difficulty from the simplest kits that snap together with a few parts to those with hundreds of pieces and screws that might even require some electronics work.

Parts & Supplies

Supplies for battery modification

From maintenance to upgrading you need accessories for your RC. Shop for new tires, a better motor, brighter lights, new battery packs, and a new paint (or decal) job for your RC ride. For some kinds of repairs you can use the screwdrivers and wrenches you might already own. But RC vehicles sometimes require specialized tools and equipment for troubleshooting and maintenance.

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