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RC Vehicle Racing and Design Competitions

Has your need for speed become a greed for speed? Do you want to do more than run circles around your friends? If you think you have what it takes, enter the world of professional RC racing. Compete for both prizes and bragging rights in speed and RC design competitions.
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A Day At The RC Races
Have you stayed away from the RC track or organized RC races simply because you don't know what to expect? Here, a first time visitor describes his day at an RC race put on by a local hobby store.

How Do I Find a Local RC Race Track?
Many RC racers rely entirely on their own backyard tracks or simply racing their friends at local parks. But to prepare for and participate in serious competitions you may want to use a more official race track.

RC Truck and Tractor Pulling
Anything fullsize trucks can do, RC trucks can do too. That includes RC truck and tractor pulling competitions.

Track Time
If competition is in your blood and you want to go beyond backyard bashing and parking lot races, learn about IFMAR, ROAR, and other model racing organizations.

Indoor Carpet Racing - A Cure for the Winter Blues
Find out what kind of vehicles you need to get started in this type of competition.

How to Build an RC Dragster
The main areas you need to consider when building an RC dragster for on-road or off-road RC drag racing.

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