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RC Truck and Tractor Pulling

Heavyweights Dragging Heavy Weight


An RC Truck Pull Setup

An RC Truck Pull Setup

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When I was young my Dad used to take me to the Houston Astrodome to watch the truck and tractor pulls. Back then that was considered an awesome sport. Today not so much. But I was delighted to discover that I can indulge my childhood love of truck and tractor pulling with my love of RC vehicles. The RC version of truck and tractor pulling seems to be found mostly in Europe but there are a few places here in the US that hold competitions for this RC sport as well.

What is RC Truck Pulling and RC Tractor Pulling

RC truck or tractor pulling, also known as micropulling or RC power-pulling, is a competition where highly modified RC vehicles compete to see which RC can pull a specified weight (on a specially constructed trailer called a sled) the furthest distance down a track.

If you’re not familiar with truck or tractor pulling or not sure how it might translate to the RC world, watch these videos which showcase what RC truck and tractor pulling is all about. These first two videos are from the NR/CTPA (The National Radio Control Truck Pulling Association) World Championship in Holiday City, OH in 2009.

RC Truck and Tractor Pulling Associations or Groups

Of course I started daydreaming about setting up my own competitions for me and my friends. Making the pulling straight away wouldn't be that hard. I just have to make the lane a certain width and a certain length. But for the real thing there are certain rules you would have to follow to make it as authentic as the official RC competitions. The National Radio Control Truck Pulling Association has a set of rules for download on their site in PDF format. Other groups also provide information for those wanting to get into this sport.

RCs for Truck and Tractor Pulling

Setting up the pulling area is only part of the process though. You need parts or whole vehicle kits. Both nitro and electric and even turbine jets can be used. The engine specs (electric, nitro, kerosene-powered tubine jets, etc.) are all set up in categories for you to follow in the rule book that you can download from the NRCTPA's website. You can start with a stock vehicle or build from scratch, but RCs used in micropulling have a lot of modifications and are built to be strong and powerful. You need a strong chassis, lots of horsepower, and parts that aren't going to snap under heavy stress.

NR/CTPA has such a nice ring to it — a dream come true...for me anyway. Yeah, yeah call me a redneck if you want. I don't mind. If you have anything you want to discuss regarding RC truck and tractor pulling please post it in the forum. Or, if you have any pics of your truck or tractor pulling beasties I would like to see them. Maybe we can hold an online picture competition to see who has the meanest ride. I promise I will be fair or we could all just vote on it in the polls. Posting your setups is also welcome.

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