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RC Construction and Heavy Equipment

Make that yard work a little more exciting for your child. It would be cool if I meant strap a jet pack to the lawn mower, but in reality I’m talking about RC construction vehicles for that little extra fun in the dirt. Radio controlled bulldozers, backhoes, dump trucks and other earth movers are great for kids to play with and can capture their attention for minutes at a time.

RC Construction Toy Basics
Just about any kind of vehicle comes in an RC version, including those big yellow construction vehicles you see building highways and breaking ground for homes and office buildings. Find out what to look for when buying remote control and radio control construction toys for kids including dump trucks, bulldozers, and forklifts.

RC Construction Toys
Browse a gallery of images for a few RC construction toys to see some of the features, including different kinds of controllers for remote control, radio control, and push button toy dump trucks, earth movers, fork lifts, and cement trucks.

RC Construction Toys
BrandsOnSale has some heavy-duty bulldozers.

RC Construction Vehicles
This high-end RC heavy equipment will have your roses screaming for mercy. There's a concrete mixer, an excavator, a fork-lift, and a shovel loader.

Store 4 Knowledge RC Construction Toys
For the younger set, these radio controlled toys include a colorful dump truck, a riding lawn mower, and skid loader.

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