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Build Your Own RC Aircraft

Learn how to build your own radio controlled airplanes and helicopters using model kits or detailed plans.
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What Materials Are RC Airplanes Made Out Of?
Wood, plastic, foam... there are many different materials that RC airplanes are constructed from.

Building Scale Helicopters by Peter Wales
If you are seriously interested in building scale RC helicopters but don't know where to start or how to proceed, the book Building Scale Helicopters takes you through the entire process quite nicely.

R/C Model Helicopters - A Guide for Beginners by Malcolm Messiter
After reading R/C Model Helicopters A Guide for Beginners I feel a lot more confident about what to look for, what to watch out for, and how to learn how to handle my RC helicopters. This book is by far the easiest to understand that I've read recently. It truly speaks to the beginner of any age. And because it is only 45 pages long, you won't feel as if have to skip the bookreading and rush right into buying and flying your RC.

Basic RC Model Design Parameters (Aircraft) - PDF
This is a PDF chart that shows the basic design of an RC plane. Use it to devise your own original designs.

Little Tips About Building Your Own RC Helicopter
Here's one fellows notes and pictures describing the micro RC helicopter he built. You can get simple plans for it as well.

R/C Helicopters - What You Should Know Before You Start
Tower Hobbies has a diagram of typical helipcopter parts and describes the basic RC helicopter flight controls.

This CAD design software is just for RC planes. It allows custom designs and paint schemes and will print out your plane design. A plus is that after you design your plane the software has its own simulator for testing whether your plane will fly.

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