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Build Your Own RC Boat or Submarine

If doing it yourself floats your boat, learn how to build your own RC boat, RC submarine, or other radio controlled watercraft from kits or plans.

What You Need to Build an RC Submarine
Learn about the things you'll need in order to make your own radio controlled submarine. Includes links to RC submarine plans and building tutorials.

Build a RC Air Boat Hull Plans from Radio Controlled Parts
These are plans for a radio controlled RC boat hydroplane.

Build a RC Air Boat Plans from Radio Controlled Parts
With or without a tether, this boat can go on land or sea.

Build an Electric Powered Model Hydroplane Plans
Get plans for building a battery powered boat hydroplane.

Building A 36/600 Model Yacht
12 steps to building an RC yacht. Detailed instructions and pictures.

Everything Sail
This article provides an overview of sail boat design and the types of kits available.

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