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Team Associated SC10 1:10 Scale Electric 2WD Offroad Race Truck Kit

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Team Associated SC10 1:10 Scale Electric 2WD Offroad Race Truck Kit

Team Associated SC10 1:10 Scale Electric 2WD Offroad Race Truck Kit

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Team Associated has once again proved to be one of the dominant players in the sport of RC racing. The Team Associated SC10 Short Course RC Truck is a 1:10 scale 2WD electric offroad race truck. You can have your pick of either a RTR or kit version. There are also a few graphic/decal choices to choose from. Graphic options include KMC, Pro Comp, Lucas Oil, Readylift to name a few -- it will say on the box which ones come with that RC. All the vehicles are detailed to scale right down to the rubber mud flaps and scaled rims and tires.
I was on a recent kit-building binge so I decided to go with the Team Associated SC10. This RC kit was a breeze to build. The instructions alone were a lot easier to follow than those for the Axial Scorpion rock crawler I'd recently completed. I really enjoyed the SC10 Kit building process. Although this kit is not as difficult as some others I've tackled I still say that this is a challenging kit for a beginner to attempt.

As with most kits you are going to need to have a few additional parts or supplies to complete the build process. Things like a transmitter, servos, battery pack, ESC are needed to get you up and running. The instructions included in the kit are pretty straight forward. Like other kits I have built, only pictures with a few captions are provided. In this kit a sort of a three dimensional aspect was attempted for the pictorial instructions to show a better overall view on how things went together. Overall I give the Team Associated SC10 kit two thumbs up for the overall ease and fun of building an RC.

What's In (and not in) The SC10 Race Truck Kit Box

Tools included in the SC10 Kit.

Tools included in the SC10 Kit.

© M. James
When you first open the box you will notice how everything is packaged nice and neat under the clear Lexan truck body. If you have built a RC kit before you know it won't stay this way. There were two large bags with smaller bags inside. In one of the large bags there were separate bags which contained most of the plastic parts. In the other large bag there were all the other parts labeled A-G. Team Associated provides you with many of the tools you'll need to complete this kit. Items like Allen wrenches, molded tools (wrenches for installing certain specific parts), camber gauge and a shock building tool are all included. 30 weight shock oil and grease is also included along with the graphic/decal sticker sheet and instruction manual, rims and tires, etc.

As with most kits, in order to make the RC operational I had to provide a transmitter setup which includes the necessary servos and receiver. Additional items not included as part of the kit were motor, battery, pinion gear (for the motor), wire leads (also for the motor) and an electronic speed control or ESC. I also had to use my own needle nose pliers, hobby knife, and Phillips head screw driver. I recommend using an electric screwdriver with multiple bits. It makes the build process a lot easier. You will also want to purchase paint for the body unless you like having a clear body on your RC (not going to be much of a wow factor though).

Clear Instructions A Big Plus

The SC10 instructions are definitely easy to read compared to other kits I have built. They clearly state the steps to take in completeting the building process. The shaded, CAD style illustrations make it easier to understand how thing go together step by step rather than leaving you guessing what part goes where. I would go as far as to say that even a beginner kit builder could complete this kit based on the clarity of the instructions alone.

Ease of the SC10 Building Process

Instructions for SC10

Clear, easy-to-decipher illustrations and instructions make building the SC10 a breeze.

© M. James
Going slowly and not rushing, it took me about twelve hours, give or take an hour, to complete this kit (minus body painting). I encountered a couple of tough spots, due mainly to handling such small parts. Like all the other kits I have built the shocks are the most troublesome for me. The tiny little E-clips often end up shooting across the room as I'm trying to snap them into place. After installing the receiver and ESC completing the kit was a breeze except for the one thing I always forget: GLUE THE DARN TIRES! It's close to the end so I guess I just tend to get excited that I'm almost done. Once complete (well, almost) I charged the newly installed battery and took it out for a spin. I then realized once again how important tire gluing is when the rear tires went flying off the rims as I did a 180 and spun out. Sheesh! you would have thought I would learn by now! I just get too eager and jump ahead sometimes.

See page 2 for specs, features, and more information on the Team Association SC10.

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