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Tamiya Tractor Truck Series of RC Big Rig Kits


Knight Hauler With Werner Enterprises Detail

Tamiya Knight Hauler Tractor Truck (bringitonover on YouTube)

Tamiya Inc. History and Tamiya RC Vehicles
The Tamiya Tractor Truck series of radio controlled big rigs are available as unassembled kits. You have to build them yourself.
It takes a lot of time and patience so these kits are not really for beginners. But if you know and love the big trucks like I do and you have some scale model-building experience the Tamiya Tractor Trucks are great examples of radio controlled trailer trucks.

Specs and What's In The Tamiya Kit:

These specs for the King Hauler reflect what most of these big rigs have to offer. The size specs will be different and other features may differ slightly but this gives you an idea of what to expect.
  • Scale: 1:14
  • Length: 23.62 inches (600mm)
  • Width: 7.20 inches (183mm)
  • Wheelbase: 17.60 inches (447mm)
  • Weight: 6.17 lbs. (2800g)
  • Chassis: Aluminum ladder
  • Suspension: Solid Axle
  • Damper Type: Metal friction (leaf spring setup, how cool is that?)
  • Drive Train: Gearbox (3-speed)
  • Differential Type: Bevel Gear
  • Engine: Electric 540 (which is standard in many stock 1:10 and 1:12 scale RCs)
  • Wheels & Tires: Chrome/Radial
Shop for some of the Tamiya Tractor Trucks
Compare PricesKing Hauler Semi
Watch this Video of a Tamiya King Hauler With Boat Trailer

Compare PricesFord Aeromax Semi

Compare PricesMercedes Benz 1 Semi

Other models include the Globe Liner, Volvo FH12 Globetrotter, Knight Hauler, and the Scania R470 Highline.

Radio Systems and Other Parts You'll Need:

All of the light, sound, and action functions are done through the radio transmitter. To have all of these options though it would be best to get the recommended 4-channel transmitter. You can opt to have a two-channel transmitter but then you would only have the basic driving functions. The radio and other listed parts must be purchased separately.
  • Radio: 4-Channel with servo(s). (Or try 4-channel DSM technology (less worry of frequency interference)
  • Battery: 6-cell flat with standard Tamiya connector
  • Charger: AC/DC peak charger for 6-cell battery to prevent overcharging
  • Paint: Polycarbonate for spare body

Tamiya Semi Trailers:

The RC big rigs from Tamiya have several different trailers to choose from. So if you're one of those truck drivers or a wannabe/wish-you-were that used to drive a flat bed, tanker, pole hauler, box container, or refrigerator unit Tamiya has you covered. Most trailers will hitch to any of the 1:14 RC tractor trucks, work with the various option kits such as lights, and have working doors or other parts.

Trailer types include a 3-axled reefer semi-trailer, collapsible pole trailer (with poles), wood-floored flatbed semi-trailer, and a tank semi-trailer with a polished stainless steel tank.

Tamiya RC Tractor Truck Upgrades:

There are so many different upgrades from lights to a little on-board control unit that has a bunch of sound effects (engine revving, alarms, horn) which adds to the realism. The 4-channel transmitter and/or the on-board control unit can control the motorized legs on the trailer (optional), trailer lights, running lights, fog lamps, sounds, and speed indicators. The sound effects are recorded from actual tractor trucks so they are real big rig sounds.

Some upgrades offered by Tamiya are for specific models only but mostly they are for all the Tamiya big rigs.

  • Tractor truck electrical unit set
  • Tractor truck oil shocks Compare Prices
  • Roof spoiler
  • Animal guard Compare Prices
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Truck aluminum front wheels (1 pair)
  • Truck aluminum rear wheels (1 pair)
  • Tractor truck sound effects set

Look at the detailing, see the lights, and listen to the realistic sounds in this video of a Tamiya Knight Hauler with Werner Enterprises Detail.
Watch the movements and hear the engine and coupling sounds in this video of the Tamiya Knight Hauler with a loaded Lowbed Trailer.
See how well this rig maneuvers obstacles in this video of a Tamiya King Hauler with Two Trailers.

Modifications and After-Market Parts:

There are a lot of after-market parts and mods that other hobbyist have made public on the Internet which are adaptable to Tamiya's line of big rigs. A lot of them are mostly little things like rotating orange lights for hazard work and little overweight,oversized load signs.

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