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Build Your Own Radio Controlled Vehicle

Learn how to build your own RC from the ground up. Buy a kit containing everything you need or, for the ultimate do-it-yourselfer, work from just a set of plans - no parts included.
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Robotics and animatronics, along with radio controlled hobbies are a great way to get the younger generation (or anyone) interested in science and technology.

Revell VEXplorer RC Robotics System
For teens 14 and up, this kit (with over 300 parts including servos, gears, and 6-channel radio) provides an education in building a radio controlled robotic vehicle as well as giving kids a great sense of accomplishment once the RC is complete. Even though they might have had minor issues with some aspects of the kit, every review that I found online talked about how much fun the Revell VEXplorer is to play with.

RC Kits for Pre-Teens and Preschoolers
Kids are builders too. Kits for designing and constructing radio controlled or remote controlled vehicles are as educational. as they are fun. Kids under 10 may need adult help and supervision but these RC kits feature easy-to-follow instructions. While the RCs built with these kits might not be the fastest or coolest looking cars on the block, they provide a fun learning experience for all ages.

RC Kits for Teens
Combine model building with electronics and mechanics by building a radio controlled or infrared remote controlled vehicle. Kits from Revell, Elenco, and LEGO Systems help teens learn about radio systems, motors, circuitry, robotics, and even soldering while building their own RC vehicle. These RC kits for teens vary in complexity but do have one thing in common -- a great learning experience tha…

Kids Can Build Their Own RC
It's always fun when you can combine radio controlled vehicles with another activity that kids love -- and make it educational too. LEGOS, those plastic building blocks that provide endless hours of entertainment make building your own RC a snap. Elenco and Learning Resources also have cool construction sets that allow novice mechanics from 4 to 16 to experience the fun of building their own car without any automotive expertise.

Build the HPI Baja 5B SS - A Video Series
This series of videos from Team Fast Eddy provides a detailed step-by-step tutorial on building the kit version of the HPI Baja 5B SS. The videos follow the manual page by page. Find out what is involved in building an RC from a kit.

What You Need to Build an RC Submarine
Learn about the things you'll need in order to make your own radio controlled submarine. Includes links to RC submarine plans and building tutorials.

You Made an RC Out of What?
Check out these unusual RCs that gadget geeks like myself have built.

Miniaturist's Toolkit
About.com Miniatures describes the basic tools for working with miniatures, including scale models such as RCs.

Electronic Projects for RC
For the true do-it-yourself RC builder, find drawings, parts lists, and descriptions for chargers, circuits, sensors, servos, switches, and many other electronic RC parts to build from scratch.

Lego Baseplate Jigs
The Cool Tools blog describes using large Lego baseplates and some building blocks to create jigs or platforms for working with things like RCs. Create a custom fit to hold an airplane, car body, or other parts while gluing or painting, etc.

How Does Weight Affect RC Performance?
Weight plays a role in overall performance of an RC. Find out how to control your weight and why.

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