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Build Your Own RC Track

Don't want to go to the park or the local track but want to run your RC on a real track? Build your own. Your track can be as simple as some cones or edging laid on in the backyard or as elaborate as a dirt or concrete track with jumps, a pitstop, and a driver's stand. Learn how to build your own RC track.

How Do You Build An RC Drag Strip?
I remember the time when I was young that my dad and I would spend the weekends watching drag racing either on TV or actually at the tracks. I have always had had a passion for drag racing, especially now that I am older and have RCs to race and modify. So, the question is "what does it take to setup and make your own drag racing track?" Well,...

Build a Small Portable Indoor Micro RC Track
Get ideas on things to use to construct the outline of a track for your Zip Zaps or other micro RC cars and trucks.

Build a Temporary Outdoor RC Track
You can turn almost any yard, parking lot, basketball court, driveway, or open field into a temporary RC track. Choose the surface you want to use then lay out a course using chalk, paint, tape, or flexible hosing.

Indoor Micro-T Track: Cardboard Box Track with Banked Curves - Video
This indoor Micro-T track uses the kitchen floor and cardboard boxes to form the track floor.

Indoor Micro-T Track: Carpet and PVC Pipe - Video
This indoor Micro-T track is laid out with PVC pipe.

Indoor Micro-T Track: Garage Track of Carpet and PVC - Video
This Micro-T indoor track consists of PVC pipe and simple cardboard ramps.

Indoor Micro-T Track: Kitchen Floor with Box Obstacles - Video
An indoor track can be as simple as a kitchen floor with a few strategically placed boxes and other obstacles.

Indoor Micro-T Track: PVC on Carpet - Video
PVC pipe on carpet creates a nice little indoor track for a Micro-T or any small RC that's easy to reconfigure.

Step By Step Guide On How To Build An RC Car Track
This tutorial describes some easy ways to build an RC track. It covers things you need to consider about the size of the car and the type of surface.

Step by Step Guide to Building an RC Race Track
This track is an indoor cement track for 1:28 and 1:24 scale vehicles. Follow the illustrated steps to adapt this track for your own use.

Build Your Own Portable RC Radio Control Car Tracks
The page is selling an instruction book and CD-ROM. You can look at the pictures and watch the videos to get ideas (or to see if you want to buy the plans) for tracks for 1:28 scale RC cars such as XMODS.

Building Your Own RC Track
This tutorial discusses pro vs. casual use track, planning, design, and construction of an RC track. There's also a 'lazy way out' if you want something like your own track without actually building it yourself.

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