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Build a Small Portable Indoor Micro RC Track


Use a piece of plywood as the base for an easily portable track for Zip Zaps or other micro RC cars. You can set it on the floor or a tabletop (depending on the size). Once you have your track outline in the shape you like, glue the outline in place. If you want, paint the plywood before attaching your track outline. Use whatever size base will hold the size of track you want to create.
  • Use Lego, Duplo, or other similar plastic building blocks. Build your track outline one or two blocks high (or taller if you wish).

  • Use scraps of wood in a uniform width. If you've been doing some remodeling, save leftover scraps of molding. Small bits of slightly rounded baseboard can be turned into speed bumps or ramps for tiny RCs.

  • Use an old piece of a waterhose or similar tubing. Instead of gluing the entire length in place, leave some parts unglued so that you can change the shape of the track at times. Use a small nail or tape to hold the unglued pieces of tube in place.

  • For very tiny infrared RCs, build a track outline out of drinking straws. Cut and attach the bendy part of flexible straws together to form a curve.

  • Use crochet wickets (or just pieces of bent wire) to create gates or arches on your track.

  • Cut a short piece of PVC pipe lengthwise to make tunnels (use a piece with a big enough diameter for your largest micro RC to fit through).

  • Visit your local hobby shop that carries miniature railroad supplies and find all kinds of landscaping materials to dress up your track.

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