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Electric Motors for RCs

Nitro RCs have engines. Electric RCs have motors. Learn all about brushed and brushless motors for radio controlled vehicles.
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Brushed vs. Brushless Motors
There are two types of electric motors in current use in the RC hobby: brushed and brushless. Here's how they compare.

Novak HV series Brushless Motor
Novak HV series brushless motors are an awesome upgrade for any electric hobby-grade RC.

Replacing the Motor on an Electric RC
Changing out the motor on an electric RC is fairly simple. You might want to change the motor because the old one is dead, you want more power, or you need more torque. Whatever your reason, learn how to replace the motor on a hobby-grade electric RC.

Inside Electric Motors
Pros offer tuning advice for your electric RC motor. Includes pictures and descriptions of motor brush technology, parts of an electric motor, use of Fantom Comm Drops, and mistakes people make with their electric RC motors.

The RC Wiki details the differences in brushed and brushless electric motors.

Electric RC - The Technology Behind the Revolution
This article focuses on electric RC airplanes and helicopters and the issue of the weight of electric components such as battery packs. Covers Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium ion Polymer cells as well as brushless electric motors and micro servers and receivers.

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