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RC Questions Answered

Get answers to your questions about radio controlled vehicles


You've got questions about radio controlled cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, and other RC vehicle questions? Here are your answers to common and sometimes not-so-common RC questions and advice on where to find more answers to your RC questions. 

Scan through this list to find the type of question you have then dig deeper for the answer.

1. Heard an RC Term You Don't Understand?

Maybe you just need to know what anodized means. Or, maybe you're looking for a simple explanation for a brushless motor. Whatever term has you curious, start with the Radio Controlled Vehicles Glossary

# | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X Y Z

Becoming familiar with RC terminology also makes it easier to ask questions and understand the answers when you talk in person or online with RC experts.

2. Check the FAQ

Have some general RC questions about speed, cost, or nitro RCs? Browse my ever-growing collection of questions and answers about radio controlled cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, boats, subs, and other RC vehicles. Each of these FAQ lists contains a question and a link to my detailed answer along with links to even more in-depth information if you want to explore a subject even further. 

Features & Specs | Operating an RC | RC Airplanes | RC Submarines | Nitro RCs | RC Tires & Wheels | Painting an RC

Is your specific question not answered? Come back to this page and explore further options.


3. Do You Need Help Deciding What Kind of RC to Buy?

There are so many considerations that go into choosing an RC. First, browse through this buying advice, as appropriate.

If you've narrowed down your choices and want some advice on a few specific models, I recommend you go to steps 5 and 6, below.

4. Did Your RC Break or Just Stop Running for No Apparent Reason?

The first thing I recommend is to always check and doublecheck the obvious. These specific documents address the most common problems that RC owners encounter. Some apply to any RC and others are specific to hobby-grade or toy-grade RCs.

See item #5, below, for more troubleshooting/broken RC advice.

5. Ask Your RC Questions Online

Posting in online discussion forums, such as the one here at About.com Radio Controlled Vehicles is one way to get help with your RC questions. Register (it's free and simple) then post your question. There's no guarantee that you'll get an answer (it depends on how complicated your question is) but by posting there, if a forum member doesn't understand your question they can easily reply and ask you for more details or clarification.

As an alternative, I have a new RC Questions form online where you are invited to ask specific questions related to RC vehicles. This form is best used for asking RC questions where you can provide details and even pictures describing what went wrong and explaining the kind of help you need. Once you've submitted your question I will attempt to provide an answer and publicize your question so that other readers can offer their advice as well. 

If the Broken or Malfunctioning RC Dilemmas form does not seem suitable for your question, please use the forum instead.

6. Ask Your RC Questions In Person

Sometimes you just want to talk to someone in person. I highly recommend that you explore the material I've already written first. It can save time if the answer is already there. But, if you have more questions or very specific ones that aren't covered, or you aren't finding the personalized help you need online, a face-to-face talk is what you need.

Hopefully you live somewhere with a hobby shop full of helpful folks. If not, see if there is an RC club in your area or an RC track where you can often find people willing to answer your questions. Don't be discouraged by less than helpful salespeople or RC owners. Not everyone has the patience or willingness to help out new folks. Keep looking. If that doesn't work out for you, come back here and see the options I've listed for getting help online.

Reader Stories: Broken or Malfunctioning RC Dilemmas

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