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Circuit board

Back side of a circuit board in a toy RC. Wires soldered to board send current from battery through components on the circuit board and out to motor, servos, and other parts of the RC.

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Definition: Many things have a circuit board. It is a board on which various electronic components are mounted and connected via conductive pathways. In an RC there is usually a circuit board inside the receiver and the transmitter. Some servos and other electronic parts in an RC may have tiny circuit boards inside as well. The most common type of circuit board in RCs is the printed circuit board or PCB.

Toy-grade RCs without a receiver have a circuit board mounted inside the vehicle to which wires run to the batteries, servo, lights, and other parts.


When upgrading, modifying, or repairing RC vehicles it is sometimes necessary to solder or unsolder wires to the circuit boards inside the RC.

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