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Hex or Allen Wrenches

Hex or Allen Wrenches

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Definition: An often L-shaped tool used for screws and bolts that have hexagonal (6-sided) sockets, a hex head wrench is like a screwdriver but is used for certain types of fasteners such as the set screws used in pinion gears, throttle linkage, or on RC helicopter blades.

You can use either end of hex head wrench (both are the same size). RC vehicles often come with hex head wrenches to fit the screws used in that particular RC. You can also purchase sets of them, including sets that are fastened together on some kind of ring so you always have the correct size handy. Hex head wrenches come in metric and SAE sizes. Some hex head wrenches also come in a straight style with plastic handles much like traditional Philips or flathead screwdrivers, known as a hex driver.

  • You can use either end of an L-shaped hex wrench.
  • Use the short end in the screw or bolt when you need more torque or power (such as on an especially stubborn screw).
  • Use the long end in the screw for those deep, hard to reach or tight spots on the RC.

In need of a good set of hex head wrenches? Compare prices on these RC-sized hex head wrench sets.

Also Known As: hex key | Allen wrench | hex driver
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