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Kit comes with two zip ties.

Using zip ties to keep wires neat; Image © J. James

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Definition: A type of fastener, the zip tie is a strip of nylon plastic with little ridges or gear track. It may be tapered. At one end of the strip is a flap or loop (like a one-way belt loop).

Wrap the zip tie around something, insert the loose end into the loop and pull it tight to hold things together or in place. The teeth make a zipping sound as the zip tie is fastened. To remove the zip tie it is usually necessary to cut it. They are one time use fasteners. If the zip tie is very long after fastening it is customary to cut off the excess end for neatness.

Zip ties come in many sizes and colors.

Ways to Use Zip Ties With RC Vehicles

  • Use zip ties to hold bundles of wires together to keep things neat and orderly and out of the way inside a crowded RC chassis.
  • Use a zip tie to seal the open end of a balloon used as an RC receiver cover or servo cover.
  • Use a small zip tie on the end of body clips (easier to handle, harder to lose).
  • Use zip ties to strap the receiver and battery packs to the chassis.

Alternatives to Zip Ties

  • Wire
  • Twist ties (such as from bread wrappers -- paper or plastic coated wires.
  • Electrical tape
  • String

Also see: Zip Tie Tails

Also Known As: cable tie | zip cable | cable strap | tie strip | zip strip
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Tina Samuels

Tina Samuels
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