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Definition: In the RC world, bashing is racing without rules or regulations. It is just driving and testing the limits of your RC car or truck. Bashing includes making high jumps and not worrying too much about the landing. Wrecks are not something to be avoided but rather something to laugh about.

RC Vehicles Used in Bashing: Almost any kind of RC can engage in bashing although it's typically done with rugged off-road RCs such as RC monster trucks. Street cars and other RCs may not be durable enough to handle the bumps and collisions that come with bashing.

Where to Do RC Bashing: Demolition derbies and playing car tag with buddies are forms of bashing. Although it could be an organized event, backyard bashing is often simply a couple of RC owners in a patch of dirt or grass popping wheelies, jumping off wooden ramps or over piles of dirt, and racing each other to the nearest tree. At the track, be sure that other drivers are up for no boundaries bashing before getting in their way.

Bashing Videos:

My buddies and I get together each week for some backyard bashing to see who can land the biggest, highest jumps.
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