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Typical battery pack

Typical battery pack that goes inside an RC

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Definition: The battery pack is a group of rechargeable battery cells made out of either nickel cadmium (Ni-CD) or nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) or lithium polymer (LiPo) with a set of negative and positive terminals.

The Battery Pack Powers the Motor: Almost always the RC controller uses 4 or more "AA" or "AAA" or 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable batteries. By contrast, the RC vehicle itself often uses a rechargeable battery pack to power the motor.

The receiver and speed controller plug into the battery pack. Some electric RC vehicles include a charger for recharging the battery pack between uses.

Increasingly, lithium polymer or LiPo battery packs are being used in radio controlled vehicles. They generally charge faster and store more energy than a comparable Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) battery pack. However, LiPo batteries do require special handling. Misuse -- including improper charging, handling, and storage -- can cause LiPo batteries to burn or explode.

RC Terms Related to Battery Pack
RC Terms Related to Battery Pack

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