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Definition: While brushed motors are still the most common motors in electric RC vehicles, the brushless motor is becoming more and more common.

The brushless motor is a DC (direct current) motor that has a permanent magnet in the rotor or shaft. The brushless motor has sensors that determine the direction and how fast the magnet turns to produce voltage. These sensors, unlike the carbon brushes of the brushed motor, do not touch the armature.

Advantages of Brushless Motors: Because there are no brushes to wear out, the brushless motor requires less maintenance and can be more reliable. Brushless motors can generally provide more torque and more efficient power than a comparable brushed motor.

Other Brushless Motors: Another type of brushless motor, typically used in RC boats and RC aircraft is the outrunner electric motor which has its magnets on the outer case of the motor.

Also Known As: brushless dc motor
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