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Definition: On an RC chassis, the bulkhead is used as a mounting bracket for many parts of the suspension such as turnbuckles, shock towers, and lower suspension arms as well as a housing for the differential.

What Bulkheads Are Made Of: The bulkheads may be made of rigid plastic or nylon, or metal, such as aluminum. Some bulkheads come in colors to match or contrast with your RC color scheme. An alumimum or heavy-duty plastic bulkhead, a common upgrade, can increase the rigidity of the chassis.

Bulkheads in RC Planes and Boats: In the fuselage of an RC airplane or the hull of an RC boat, the bulkheads are supports within the structure that help hold the shape of the fuselage or hull and separate some internal parts. They may be wood, plastic, or lightweight aluminum depending on the construction of the airplane or boat.

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