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Definition: In an RC, the center of gravity (CG) chiefly affects how the RC handles at high speeds, especially on jumps and turns. The lower and more stable the center of gravity, the less likely it is that the RC will flip or go off course. The higher your chassis components are above the axles, the higher your center of gravity and the more unstable your vehicle becomes. A high center of gravity may result in a top heavy RC that is harder to control and may flip more easily at high speeds.

Center of Gravity is not important only for cars and trucks. It applies to boats and aircraft too. Too much weight to the front or rear or to one side can make the vehicle unstable. Where components such as batteries, motors, and servos are placed or how they are are distributed throughout the vehicle as well as the overall shape and placement of wings, etc. can affect the center of gravity.

With toy-grade RCs, center of gravity is of little concern because they really don't go fast enough to worry about it. With both electric and nitro hobby-grade RCs center of gravity is very important. Sometimes getting the center of gravity correct makes the difference between winning or losing in an RC race.

Also Known As: CG
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