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Traxxas Villain EX Deep-Vee Electric Racer RC Boat

The Traxxas Villain EX RC Boat sports a deep-vee monohull design.

Image © Traxxas, courtesy of Red Rocket Hobbies
Definition: There are several styles of RC boat hulls but one of the most popular is the familiar vee-shaped hull, a monohull design. Deep-vee is the hull shape commonly seen on sport boats. Seen in cross-section it is shaped like the letter V. It combines speed (though not as fast as some other hull designs) and stability because a large amount of the hull surface makes contact with the water and the propeller position on a deep-vee hull tends to keep it in the water even in choppy conditions.

CEN Grey Thunder has a deep-vee hull while the CEN Aqua Jet features a semi deep-vee monohull. The Traxxas Villian EX (Buy Direct) is a popular ready-to-run deep-vee monohull racer.

The deep-vee hull is considered a good choice for beginners in RC boating.

Alternate Spellings: deep-v
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Tina Samuels

Tina Samuels
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