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Definition: Used in gasoline or nitro RCs as a way to make sure you don't suffer the consequences of an out-of-control RC doing 30+ mph, a fail safe unit is connected between the receiver and throttle servo of the RC. It monitors the connection between the transmitter and receiver for disruption and/or interference -- as well as total battery pack strength. Failures such as lost signal, frequency interference, or low battery will automatically engage the vehicle braking system, stopping or slowing down the RC. Fail safe units are a highly desirable accessory for hobby-grade RCs.

These little lifesavers can provide peace of mind and are a fairly cheap way to avoid costly repairs that result from runaways and crashes due to signal problems. In addition to the fail safe accessory that can be added to an RC, there are some ready-to-run vehicles that come with a fail safe device already installed.

Also Known As: fail safe unit | fail safe device
Alternate Spellings: failsafe
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Tina Samuels

Tina Samuels
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