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Glow Plug

Glow plug in glow engine and in package

Photo © M. James
Definition: The engine in hobby-grade radio controlled vehicles that use nitromethanol fuel is known as a glow engine.

RCs That Have Glow Engines: While electric RCs have motors, some RC vehicles -- almost always hobby-grade -- have engines that are powered by liquid fuel. Those that use nitro fuel have nitro engines -- also called glow engines.

Why It's Called a Glow Engine: Engines that use nitro fuel have a glow plug. Similar to a spark plug, the glow plug is so named because a filament inside the plug glows when the plug is hot. An engine with a glow plug is commonly called a glow engine.

Also Known As: nitro engine | gas engine
Most toy-grade RCs are powered by batteries and run on electric motors but nitro RCs with glow engines are common in professional RC racing.
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Tina Samuels

Tina Samuels
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