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Adding the body to a hobby-grade nitro RC car. © M. James

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Definition: Radio controlled vehicles usually bought at hobby stores, such as Hobby Town USA, that can come with little or no assembly required to a completely unassembled kit are known as hobby-grade. These vehicles are typically upgradeable, customizable, have many more features than toy-grade, and are used in professional RC racing and other competitions.

Unlike most toy-grade RCs, replacement parts, upgrades, and additional accessories are readily available for many years after the initial manufacturer of a hobby-grade RC model. In most cases, hobby-grade RCs have better handling, are faster and more durable, have more radio and radio frequency options, come in electric and nitro versions, and have a longer life than most typical toy-grade RC vehicles.

Also Known As: big boy toy | professional RC | hobby-class
Alternate Spellings: hobby grade
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