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Receiver antenna

The receiver antenna attaches to the receiver inside the RC.

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Definition: RC vehicles communicate through radio signals. The receiver antenna is a part of the radio system through which those signals travel. The receiver antenna is on the receiver (in the RC vehicle) and it receives messages sent to the vehicle through the transmitter antenna on the controller.

The receiver antenna is usually a long piece of plastic-coated wire that pokes through a hole in the body and trails behind the RC. The part of the receiver antenna outside of the body may be covered by an antenna tube. Some of the antenna may be wrapped around inside the RC. Some RCs, such as the RadioShack XMODS, have plain, thin wire antennas that are stiffer than the plastic-coated antenna wires.

Learn how to install, use, and care for receiver antennas and browse a gallery of pictures of all kinds of RC antennas.

RC Terms Related to Antennas
RC Terms Related to Antenna

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