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Definition: While many radio controlled vehicles are built to be scaled down models of their full-size versions, such as 1:10 (1/10th) or 1:8 (1/8th) scale, they may not be true to the look and performance capabilities of the full-size version. A scale model is typically about authenticity and realism. The scale model attempts to replicate the full-size version in as many aspects as possible from the realistic paint job and detailing to the way it drives, turns, or flies.

Scale Models Are Often Big Models
While scale models can be almost any size from those that a small child could ride in down to small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, in the RC car world scale RC models are typically large scale or giant scale -- much larger than their other RC counterparts. This may be to accommodate a larger or more powerful electric, nitro, or 2-stroke gasoline, or jet turbine engine to better replicate the performance of the full-size vehicle after which it is modeled.

Scale Models Are Realistic Models
You generally won't find a lot of scale models sporting multi-color, sparkly, flaming paint jobs or fanciful body designs. A scale RC may not be able to perform some of the stunts that other RCs can perform such as near-vertical wheelies, racing across both land and water, or doing elaborate 3D aerobatics. However, they are able to more faithfully replicate the true-to-life appearance, driving, and flying capabilities of their full-size counterparts.

Building and operating scale RC boats, scale RC airplanes, and scale RC helicopters are popular RC niches. Scale RC boats, submarines, airplanes, helicopters, and tanks modelled after the ships, subs, aircraft, and combat tanks of real armies of the world are often used to engage in land or sea battle re-inactments or paintball combat. There are also specific scales for gaming and competition RC boating.

Also Known As: scale | large scale | giant scale
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