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Definition: Available as a thick liquid or in a consistency similiar to rubber cement, thread lock or thread locking compound is a (usually) non-permanent adhesive used on metal fasteners such as set screws and motor mounts. The thread lock gives screws extra gripping power so that vibrations and collisions don't loosen the fasteners. Nitro RCs and RC helicopters are prone to vibration and especially benefit from the use of thread lock.
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Thread lock should only be used on metal-to-metal connections, never on plastic parts. The thread lock turns into a plastic-like substance itself that can damage plastic parts if you try to unfasten them. Areas of an RC that can benefit from the use of thread lock includes metal throttle linkages, aluminum bulkheads, and metal steering linkages. Thread lock is not for internal engine parts.

Although thread lock gives screws more holding power, you can still loosen and remove them for maintenance by applying a little added pressure. Blue thread locking compounds are typically used on RCs. Stronger red and green thread locking compounds require heat to remove. You can purchase thread lock at your local hobby shop or an auto parts store.

Sometimes referred to generically (and erroneously) as Loctite, Loctite Threadlockers is a specific brand of thread lock adhesive from a company named Henkel.

Also Known As: thread goop | thread locking compound | thread lock adhesive | threadlocker
Alternate Spellings: threadlock | thread-lock
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