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Closeup of a turnbuckle on an RC.

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Definition: Part of the suspension on an RC vehicle, the turnbuckle consists of metal or plastic loops with swivel bearings and an aluminum or titanium alloy rod. The rod is threaded at both ends so the loops can turn clockwise or counter-clockwise. This brings the ends closer together or further apart to adjust the toe angle (toe-in or toe-out) of the tires.

Adjustable Turnbuckles
Adjustable turnbuckles (not typically found in toy-grade RCs) allow you to improve the handling of your RC based on the type of driving and type of terrain. On some RC vehicles, the stock turnbuckles bend and break easily so new, stronger (including metal) turnbuckles are a common upgrade on some hobby-grade RCs.

How to Build a Turnbuckle
RC411.com provides a tutorial with pictures.

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