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RC Cars and Trucks - Land Vehicles

In the dirt or on the pavement, from full-blown monster trucks to the luxurious Ferrari, RC land vehicles come in as many makes and models as the Fords, Chevys, and Dodges in our garages and on the highways. If RC cars are your passion, pull into our spot and check out the reviews, tutorials, tips, and beginner advice for RC cars and RC trucks of every vintage and style.
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Your RC Car
Do you have an RC car? Do you love your car? Whether stock or customized, show us your RC car and tell us what makes it so cool. And if it is something of a dud, tell us about that car too.

Your RC Truck
Do you have an RC truck? Do you love your truck? Whether stock or customized, show us your RC truck and tell us what makes it so cool. And if it is something of a dud, tell us about that truck too.See submissions

1:16 Traxxas E-Revo VXL Brushless RTR Electric Off-Road Truck
This is no wimpy, slower version of its bigger 1:10 scale brother. The 1:16 Scale Traxxas E-Revo is a speedy little off-road truck.

Sportwerks Chaos 1:16 Nitro 4WD RTR Buggy
The small size is convenient but being able to operate in small spaces is no bonus if it's too darn hard to get it and keep it running.

What Was Your First Hobby-Grade RC Car or Truck?
Was your first hobby-grade RC a ready-to-run electric? Or did you take a different route such as building from scratch or going nitro? Tell us about the first hobby-grade RC car or truck you owned. Was it a good choice? Would you recommend that RC car or truck to beginners?

HPI Baja 1:5 Scale Off-Road Gas RC Vehicles
They're big and they've got gas. The HPI Baja series of off-road gas-powered trucks are a whole different breed of radio controlled racing and bashing.

Air Hogs R/C Zero Gravity Mini Car
Can an RC car really drive on walls and even on the ceiling? Find out in this review of the Air Hogs R/C Zero Gravity Mini Car.

RC Rock Crawling
Creep, crawl, and climb those rocks with an RC rock crawler. RC rock crawling isn't a fast-paced sport but is fast growing in popularity. Learn the basics of what to look for in an RC rock crawler vehicle.

Thunder Tiger Ducati 999R Testastretta First Look
Although I've owned many hobby-grade RC vehicles, I'd never had an RC motorcycle until now. The Thunder Tiger Ducati 999R Testastretta is a 1:5 scale ready-to-run nitro motorcycle. It comes assembled with radio, charger, and even a rider.

1:10 HPI E10 Electric On-Road Car
The E10 is a 1:10 scale entry level electric RC built with the beginner in mind.

1:10 Traxxas 4-Tec 2.5 Nitro On-Road RC Car
The Traxxas 4-Tec 2.5 Nitro 1:10 Scale 4-wheel drive on-road sedan is quickly becoming more popular on the street racing circut. Sporting the powerful TRX 2.5 engine, the 4-Tec blows the competition away with an average top speed of 60+ MPH which is more than twice as fast as its closest competition.

1:18 Team Losi Mini-T Off-Road RC Electric Truck Customization
Team Losi's Mini-T comes RTR (Ready To Run) at an affordable price with all the performance, parts, and accessories of the the big guns in the RC world today. Its many affordable race ready accessories and parts upgrades gives this little guy unlimited possabilities for customization.

Hot Wheels R/C Dune Devil Pro Truck
The Dune Devil Pro has several higher-end features including hobby grade style chassis with independent front suspension and 4-speed control with a 17,000 RPM electric motor. Recommended for ages 8 and up, this RC toy is simple enough for kids but can hold the interest of adults as well.

Team Losi Micro Line Up
From on and off-road vehicles to helicopters and boats even the occasional robotic contraption everything seems to be getting smaller. That doesn't mean that the quality of the hobby-grade RC is shrinking, just the size. Some of the best micro RCs out there are the Losi lineup, including the Micro-T. I have both the Micro-T and the Micro Raminator and they are a lot of fun to play with. The real…

Show Everyone at About.com Radio Controlled Vehicles Your Ride
Readers are encouraged to submit a picture of their RC car or truckSee submissions

Mugen Seiki's MBX 7 Eco M-Spec
The MBX7 Eco is an all-electric version of Mugen's popular 1/8th scale buggy. Designed with the racer in mind, it gives tremendous performance.

Polaris Rush Pro 1:8 RTR Electric RC Snowmobile
The Polaris Rush Pro 1:8 RTR Electric RC Snowmobile is great for RCing in the snow or anywhere you see fit.

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