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1:36 Team Losi Micro-T Electric Stadium Truck

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Head-on Shot of Micro T

Head-on Shot of Micro T

© J. James
While it has its flaws, my overall opinion of the Team Losi Micro-T is that on the fun factor alone it warrants a 5-star rating. Here's what I've discovered -- good and bad -- so far. Over time I'm sure I'll have more to say about this cool little 1:36 scale hobby-grade RC stadium truck.

Assembly of the Micro-T

There isn't much assembly involved at all. You have to put the antenna into the transmitter, insert the batteries in the transmitter and the included Micro-T charger, charge and go. Batteries for the charger are included as well. OK, there is one minor assembly item. You can opt to attach the included wing for the back of the truck which, in my case, didn't stay on very long. After you do all this stuff you are ready to do some good old-fashioned racing.

Since the Micro-T is electric you don't have to worry about the hassles of a break-in procedure. Just charge the little guy up and you're ready to go. Aside from the minor adjustment of steering (described below) that is all there is to the assembly.

On-Road and Off-Road Performance

Micro T without body

Micro T without body

© M. James
While it's not an on-road sedan, the Micro-T still does great maneuvering cones on a parking lot, racing up and down the hallway, or tearing up an indoor micro track. From taking tight turns to doing banked turns like a pro RC, the suspension and drivetrain on the Micro-T is an all around flawless design for all types of grit-your-teeth intense racing.

Off-road is where this RC truck shines. With the independent suspension this little guy can take any jump that you throw at it and still come back for more. It might be micro but it's big on performance. One of many things I noticed straight out of the box is that the Micro-T likes to tear up the dirt with its torque-enriched drivetrain. On pavement the micro terror can't keep its front feet on the ground -- doing wheelies takes no effort at all.

An important point I need to make: When I said that it tore up the dirt I want to clarify that I meant tightly packed dirt. When going off-road (off the carpet, floor, or pavement) avoid loose dirt, mud, and water. Those surfaces will definitely mess things up. It's a micro truck, not a 1:8 scale monster truck. Even though the Micro-T is a scaled-down version of the Mini-T, it still has limitations as to what it can do.


The Micro-T has, in my opinion, passed my durability test hands down. This little car can sure take a beating. I put it through a rough test of jumping off curbs and jumps that where most anyone in their right mind would have said "there is no way that little RC is going to even get up that tall of a jump let alone land it!" But to their surprise the Micro-T is definitely the "little engine that could!" As for the rollover and crash test the only thing that was lost was the pesky little stuck-on wing on the back. Like I said in the assembly section, mine didn't stay on long.

Charge Time

This a plus in my book. To fully charge the Micro-T takes about 20 minutes. That's just about enough time to clean up around the edges and get something to snack on and drink and when you get back you're ready to go. How cool is that? Now, of course if you go the Li-Po route obviously the charge time will increase but still for straight out of the box fun you can't beat that.

Continue reading for more on steering, range, and my list of pros and cons.

User Reviews

 5 out of 5
Micro T Maxi fun, Member lordyosch

What a great little truck! I was impressed the moment the guy in the shop drove it off the counter onto the floor and it drove away. I've thrashed it round the living room, the kitchen, off the table and down the street. So much fun in one tiny (and reasonably priced, considering the quality) package

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