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Customize the Team Losi Mini-T


The Team Losi 1/18th Mini-T Off-Road Truck comes RTR (Ready To Run) at an affordable price with all the performance, parts, and accessories of the big guns in the RC world today.
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A big plus for the Team Losi Mini-T is that you won't have to ask yourself "where and when can I race?" With its outstanding performance and small size (1/18th scale) this particular mini RC truck can race in a small area indoors or outdoors such as a living room, garage, or backyard and can be ran on all types of terrain including carpet, dirt, and concrete -- giving it a slight advantage over the 1/10th and above electric RCs.

Mini-T Customization:

Its many affordable race ready accessories and parts upgrades gives this little guy unlimited possibilities for customization. There are two routes that you can take in customizing your Team Losi Mini-T: looks or performance (or both). Go for looks to add that WOW factor. Beyond looks you could impress your friends with the limitless performance abilities of your customized Mini-T.

Appearance Upgrades:

Purple-anodized aluminum suspension arms won't do much for its perfomance and some say it kind of takes a little away, but they will add that personal touch as far as looks go. Chrome wheels look awesome and they perform like the stock ones so there is no loss in performance in that area.

Mini-T Battery Upgrades:

Aftermarket parts such as a 5-cell or 6-cell rechargeable NiMH battery pack offers improved acceleration and speed. Coming with 4 AA batteries straight out the box, if you want to go faster I would suggest adding a 5-cell NiMH rechargable battery pack. You will see a definite increase in acceleraton and speed.
If you imagine yourself sitting in your Mini-T going so fast that you can't lift your head off the head-rest then adding a 6-cell NiMH battery pack will make that fantasy come true. The reason I keep suggesting NiMH over Ni-Cd is that with the everyday advances in technology things keep improving. NiMH battery packs not only have a slight increase in voltage but also have a greater charge capacity. In short, more speed and longer runtimes in between charging.

Mini-T Motor Upgrades:

Another way you can give your Mini-T a whiplash effect is to go with the motor upgrade. There are many aftermarket manufacturers out there with two types of motors I would suggest taking a look at. The more economical bushing types like the Mini-T "Speed Motor" are close to the stock models and not easily rebuilt. Ball bearing aftermarket type motors offer better performance and can be rebuilt and tuned.

Mini-T Tire Upgrades:

After battery and motor upgrades it would make no sense to have all that power and not be able to keep it in control or be able use all that power you have just added. This is where you take a look at all the tire upgrades such as foam and rubber -- and let's not forget the special tread designs that are useful in various type of racing conditions.

Suspension Upgrades:

Although the stock shocks that come with the Mini-T are good, adding oil-filled shocks will greatly increase the handling and offer better and smoother landings off the jumps and rough terrain. Coil-over shocks, so called because they have a coil spring over the shock itself, are what hold the Mini-T up. The coil spring is also upgradable in soft to firm ranges to suit your needs and driving skill.

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