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These are the companies that make the cars, trucks, airplanes, and boats sold in retail stores and hobby shops. At their Web sites you can read about their newest products, view catalogs, and get information on recalls, upgrades, and discontinued product lines.
  1. RC Toy Manufacturers (14)

You can't spell RTR without Traxxas -- they introduced the ready-to-run kit to the RC world and it's never been the same since. Learn more about Traxxas and what they offer.

Spektrum Racing
Radio controlled vehicles have been around for a long time. There was one thing that always was problematic with radio contol systems and that was radio interference or crosstalk.

Kyosho Corporation
As far as I can remember Kyosho has been one of the top RC industry leaders.

Tamiya Inc.
As far as I can remember Tamiya Inc. has played a major part in the RC world as we know it. I remember as a kid when I would go to my local hobby shop, I would see the shelves lined with Tamiya RC kits. From The Lunchbox, Blackfoot, Monster Beetle, The Frog, The Hornet and the awe inspiring, juggernaut The Clod Buster these are only a few that I...

Futaba Radios have been around for quite some time. Futaba Denshi was primarily established in 1948. It was later in 1962 that they got into radio control equipment both hobby and industrial. They are one of the current leaders in flat panel Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD).

HPI Racing Profile
Website link: http://www.hpiracing.com/

They manufacture a wide range of Ready-to-Run RC cars and trucks and kits as well as parts and accessories for their vehicles.

BRP, Inc.
They make 1:18 scale radio control cars and accessories including chassis parts, tires, and motors.

Century RC Helicopters
Get Ready-to-Fly helicopter kits, heli upgrades, and all kinds of parts for your RC helicopter.

Team Corally makes 1:10 and 1:12 scale racing cars, parts, and accessories.

Discover the latest offerings from this major manufacturer of RC vehicles and accessories.

Check out the newest releases of nitro and electric cars, trucks, planes, and boats for this well-known RC brand.

They build and sell electric and nitro racers, monster trucks, and mini-RC kits and RTR vehicles. At their site you can get instruction manuals, setup sheets, and tech tips for their products.

Browse their catalog of aircraft, cars, trucks, boats, and all the accessories and supplies you need for maintenance, upgrades, and building your own RC.

Check out their latest on-road and off-road cars and trucks, tanks, kits, and accessories.

Traxxas is a leading manufacturer of hobby-grade electric and nitro RC cars, trucks, and boats.

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