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Originating in Hong Kong in 1991, Jasman broke into the US market in 2004. Among their several toy lines with RC toys are the Command Fource tethered flying helicopters and the Mighty Megasaur with a walking T-Rex.

Command Force:

Products in the Command Force line from Jasman include tethered helicopters with base. The helicopters fly up, down, forward, and backward and include accessories that the chopper can pick up and deliver with its grappling hook. There is also a Free Flight Helicopter that simply flies up and down but has a tilting landing base to allow you to fly the helicopter in other directions.
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Mighty Megasaur:

Alongside the scale models and electronic dinosaurs of the Mighty Megasaur line you'll find a remote control walking dinosaur. Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Carnotaurus move, make sounds, and walk.
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Flight Factory:

The Spin Blade, a small (27 grams) indoor RC helicopter, is one of the Flight Factory products.
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Other Jasman Toy Lines:

Wild West Gunslinger, Laser Command, and CIK provide toy playsets, electronic toys, and collectible figures.

Jasman USA:

9155 Brown Deer Road, Suite 7, San Diego, CA 92121

Where to Buy Jasman RC Toys:

Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target, Kaybee Toys, Radio Shack, the Discovery Channel Store and other toy retailers carry various Jasman toys.

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