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A long time frontrunner in the manufacture of radio controlled toys, NIKKO has dozens of RC cars and trucks and a few boats and aircraft as well. They produce everything from tough and colorful RCs with basic controls for preschool and elementary age children to highly detailed, officially licensed cars with more options for the older kids. Most NIKKO RCs are in the 1:10 to 1:32 range and are high quality RC toys.
Features vary between specific lines and even within different scales of the same product line. One feature of several Nikko RCs is the turbo-function controller that lets the driver give the car an extra boost of speed when wanted.

Preschool RC Toys:

Made for ages 3 and up, these RCs feature fun, colorful bodies and simple controls. Most cars, like the Cricket and Little F-1 race car are approximately 1:18 scale -- small enough for little hands to grasp but not too small. Nikko also makes a 1:120 scale white airplane for the little ones.

Street Cars:

For the RC toy enthusiast on a budget, the WRC and Dreamcars like the Aston Martin, Ford GT, and Peugeot come in 1:16 and 1:32 scales. They have full-function stick controllers and come in two frequencies.

Evolution Tuners:

Tuning cars in Formula 1, WRC, Rally, and Buggy styles come in a mix of 1:10, 1:12, 1:14, and 1:24 scales. Features vary but many of the Nikko RC street cars in this group have band-selectable frequencies, 4WD, real-working independent suspensions, fully functional controls, and rechargeable battery packs. Some models have interchangeable tires and engines or drifting capabilities. A few come as kits requiring some assembly.

You'll find various models of Ferrari, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Audi, Mercedes, Subaru, Mitsubishi and others in the Evolution Tuners line. A few of the models come in two or more scales.

Street Mayhem Tuners:

Available in two frequencies, the Street Mayhem Tuners come with a variety of changing features. Each scale has its own special "bling bling" ranging from spinning rims to drifting tires to lights, sound, or wheelies.

The Fast and the Furious official movie merchandise models -- all drifters -- are available in 1:10, 1:16, and 1:22 scales and include several Nissan models, a '67 Ford Mustang, a Honda NSX, and a Mazda RX-7.

The 1:10 scale VIP Tuners -- Lexus GS-430, Maserati Quattroporte, and Mercedes Benz CSS55 AMG all have light, sound, and vibration. Other 1:10, 1:14, 1:16, 1:20, and 1:24 Tuners include a varying mix of spinning rims, lights, sound, vibration, drifting tires, and hoods that lift up to show the engine.

There's also a special selection of wheelie-capable i-Mayhem Tuners with fat little bodies for younger kids.

Rough & Tough Assortment:

These off-road RCs with have big tires, basic controls, and a few extras on some models such as spinning rims, lights, or turbo-function controller.

Other Nikko RC Toys:

Available in two frequencies, full function RC boats are typically around 1:30 scale and include sailing and motor boats. The 1:25 Dolphin Classic has a bilge pump. The 1:19 Banana Boat comes with a float and figures to tow. In addition to a few simple airplanes with forward, left, and right controls they have a 3-channel helicopter. The Big Racer series has 1:5 scale cycles with turbo-function controllers. Some specialty and stunt RC vehicles include the Rock N Runner and Twist 'n Turn RCs that do multi-directional flips.

Where to Buy Nikko RC Toys

Look for Nikko RC toys at major retailers including Fry's Electronics, RadioShack, Wal-Mart, and Target. Selection will vary by location.

Visit the Nikko webshop for spare parts, batteries & chargers, and accessories for the Evolution Series including new motors, tires, and body kits.

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