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Planet Toys, Inc.


This international toy manufacturer produced a range of indoor and outdoor toys for preschoolers to teens and even adults. Teaming up with brands like Little Tikes and General Motors they produced radio control cars for all ages including the colorful Little Tikes Radio Control Cars for preschoolers, the Mack Tractor Trailer RC for ages 4 and up, and RC cars with full function controls for slightly older kids.

The Planet Toys web site is no longer online and according due to a class action suit involving one of their non-RC toys, they filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition on March 18, 2009. Do you have information on Planet Toys including where an owner of any Planet Toys RCs might find additional information on their toys? Please contact me.

Little Tikes:

The Little Tikes brand RC toys for ages 2 and up include some with real car sounds like a police car (my review) and and other cars and trucks. All Little Tikes RC toys have simple controllers that drive forward and turn. Check the packaging to see if you're getting 27MHz or 49MHz or wired remote control toys.

RC Toys for School Age Children:

For kids ages 8 and up Planet Toys carried full function RCs like the 1:12 scale Dale Earnhardt Intimidator Silverado, Kawasaki KFX with rider, 13" Yamaha Raptor 700 ATV (with working headlights), and a big 1:5 scale Chrysler 300C SRT with black or metallic gray bodies.

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